little bridge of the Orfento Valley

The Riserve

The Valle dell'Orfento is among the most beautiful places in the Majella National Park, in the territory of Caramanico Terme. This protected area is covered by the Orfento River, with trails that cross it numerous times through wooden bridges, creating suggestive landscapes that recall the setting of fairytales.

There are several paths that can be followed, including some adapted to the less experienced ones. The valley area also includes the hermitage of San Giovanni all'Orfento, one of the hermitage of Abruzzo most surrounded by nature.

Among the wildlife can be found, in addition to deers, brockets, wild boars, wolves and bears, Apennine salamanders and ululones.

How to reach it

There are many points from which to start hiking: the path that starts from the bridge of Caramanico, at the beginning of the village, which allows the descent to the river; The trail of the “scalelle”, which starts from the visit center of the Orfento valley, and the route that begins at the bottom of the Santa Croce District of Caramanico, both of which allow you to descend to the river from the side of the village; Then there is the path that descends from Decontra and the one that starts from Guado Sant'Antonio, in San Nicolao.

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Coordinates (bridge of Caramanico): 42°09'47.8"N 14°00'17.4"E

In order to enter the Reserve you must request a free authorization at the Centro Visita (Visitor Center) of Caramanico Terme.

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