Saint Bartholomew procession

From August 24th to August 26th, in Roccamorice, the patron saints are celebrated. The most important day is surely August 25th, a day dedicated to San Bartolomeo.

On this day, the citizens of Roccamorice, but also worshipers coming from other areas, walk to the Eremo di San Bartolomeo (Hermitage of Saint Bartholomew). Here there is a small spring, considered miraculous, where pilgrims stop to wet their hands and drink. Water is collected by the faithful to bless the vineyards and to alleviate the diseases. After this, devotees descend along the Scala Santa (Holy Stairs) to the Capo La Vena stream, where they bathe, repeating a very ancient water cult.

After breakfast along the banks of the stream, the pilgrims go back to the hermitage and at 7 a.m. begins the procession where the wooden statue of San Bartolomeo is brought in turn by the pilgrims while singing hymns and prayers, proceeding in the direction of Roccamorice.

Once they arrive at the emigrant's monument there is the reception of the statue by the local authorities, by some women carrying floral bouquets and by many other people who go to the parish church where the Eucharistic celebration will take place. The statue will remain in the church until September 9th, where it will be brought back to the hermitage with another pilgrimage.

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