La Majella

The Majella National Park is one of the three national parks that are present in Abruzzo, in the provinces of Pescara, Chieti and L'Aquila. It was established in 1991 and it extends over an area of ​​about 74,000 hectares, comprising the mountain ranges of Majella and Morrone. The highest summit of the complex is Monte Amaro, whose summit reaches an altitude of 2793 m asl. There are many towns and hamlets in its territory, but above all there are many hermitages, churches and breathtaking places. Here are some examples: Hermitage of St. Bartholomew, Hermit of Holy Spirit, St. Thomas Church, Abbey of Saint Liberator with its ancient rocky graves and the springs of Alento, Orfento Valley and many others.

The Park has a large path network that winds for about 700 km, with excursions ranging from a few hours to several days of hiking. Some trails are dedicated to families, children and people who are less trained, others are practicable only by the most experienced and trained ones.

Thanks to its extension and to the various environments that lie within its boundaries, the biodiversity of the Park is very rich. The species and subspecies found in the territory are about 2100, which account for more than 65% of Abruzzo flora and almost 30% of the Italian one. Of these, 5 are exclusive of the Park area: the Soldanella del Calcare, the Fiordaliso della Majella, the Pinguicola di Fiori, the Radicchiella della Majella and the Ranuncolo Multidentato.

The fauna of the Park is also varied and among the most important species are the Brown Marsicano Bear, the Apennine Wolf, the Abruzzo Chamois, the Real Eagle, the Gracchio Corallino, the Viper dell’Orsini, the Apennine Salamander and the Apennine Ululone.

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